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The oldest of the Chicagoland area independent pro wrestling organizations is actually the second independent promotion which was begun in the 1980's.

This group is owned by Sam DeCero, who at one time was a journeyman pro wrestler who worked for the top promotions during the territorial era of professional wrestling. At times he would use his famous moniker, at other times, such as his tenure in the St.Louis territory, he'd be known as Sammy Darrow, though his most famous role was that of Super Maxx, one half of the Maxx Brothers, along with his "ring" sibling, Mad Maxx. Now Mad Maxx would appear at various times throughout this promotion's history, more frequently during the early years of Windy City Wrestling. He was more well known under the ring name of Eli The Eliminator, and some of you may actually remember his occassional appearances in World Class Championship Wrestling.

As stated earlier, this was the area's second independent group, as Terry Scholl's Pro Wrestling International had already been running shows in the area during the waning years of Dick The Bruiser's Indiana-based WWA, which had been the dominant promotion in the region in the previous era.

This, however, should not confuse any reader, historian, worker, or fan, in that this group was, by far, the most influential of any independent pro wrestling group in the region and was the crowning achievement in DeCero's career. The WCPW was a literal factory that had produced name brand superstars in the industry that were just as worthy of the national spotlight as DeCero himself, only wrestling itself is just as unfair as other entertainment industries, in that so few superstars are picked for major starring roles, yet many are deserving.

Following the constriction of the wrestling business in 2001, many area promotions began to appear. Add to the mix a faltering economy and the increasingly popular MMA, and you have a foreboding recipe.

Yet this group thrives! The Web Aggression internet series is a monumental step in the marketing of the pro wrestling product, an idea first suggested by Dr.Keith Lipinski to the WWE and TNA national touring groups. They, of course, ignored a brilliant idea. This was also an idea that B3 Productions had and they expounded on it, thus ushering in the next phase of Windy City Pro Wrestling! 

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